Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Awesome weekend

The weekend of February 28 and March 1 my Dog club, Cascade Schutzhund Club, had two of the top Training Directors from other clubs come spend the weekend working dogs and givings us pointers. Brett Titus is from Colorado, while Glen Crawford is from Utah. One of the many nice things is these two are similar in style to our current Training Director, Les Flores. It made it easier to understand what they were suggesting and yet gave a different set of eyes to see how the dog/handler teams were progressing and some pointers.

We spent over two full days working dogs, and working dogs some more. And our club being what it is, we also spent a good portion of the time eating some excellent food! Not canned chilli or hot dogs at this event. Oh no..... We had 5-star eating until people couldn't eat any more.

I was very happy with my two girls. Ccatti is semi-retired after her traffic safe test as she does not have the tracking foundation needed, and right now time does not permit me to do the work needed to fix that gap. Maybe one day. In the meantime we go have lots of fun, be distractions when needed for others doing obedience, and Ccatti gets to help teach new helpers how to handle a strong dog. A job she does well while enjoying herself.

Boa had strained a leg muscle so had been on rest until very shortly before this weekend. I was so worried she would not be ready to work but she was! And work she did. She was so happy to get back at it she got a little pushy for her. We learned some new things working through that! And she got to race Glen on a long attack, Glen is fast but Boa even out of shape did quite well. I would like to see that again when Boa is really in shape!

Some of the nice club members were helping me with the video camera so I got some of each girl working. What a treat for me. :) These videos are posted in my youtubes account in the sidebar. There are six videos total of Ccatti and Boa from February 28 and March 1. All three of us girls having fun!

All of us are looking forward to more weekends like this. And it gives Les a chance to say "see? I've told you that's how to do it!"

Thanks Les for inviting them. Thanks Brett and Glen for accepting to come see us and work dogs. Thanks to the great club members who pitched in and made this a weekend to remember!

Schutzhund: Track, Obey, Protect

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